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Aerovox is a leading manufacturer of film capacitors for industrial, medical and specialty applications serving original equipment manufacturers(OEM) and distributors worldwide. Our lines of rugged, reliable capacitors are available as standard items in many configurations. If you have specialized needs, our flexible manufacturing processes allow us to quickly provide custom configurations. All of our film capacitors are built using Lean Six Sigma manufacturing practices and undergo rigorous quality assurance testing.


One of the major Electric Actuator in the world manufacturing state-of-art technology Actuators. Intelligent and Electrical of New Generation designs extend customer defined solutions in pipeline industry.

TM-SERIES is for multi turn valves - globe, gate valves,and also for quarter turn valves - butterfly, ball valves adopting 2nd worm reducer. Major parts / component are easy to change for trouble shooting and maintenance. Wide range voltage motors (220V~460VAC,3Phase) are ready for clients choice.

TQ-SERIES is for small quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and similar usage. *Light, Compact and corrosion resistant Aluminum alloy enclosure. Double sealed with V-shade ring and gasket to ensure IP68, 8 meters, 72 hours. Available in Explosion proof: Exd IIBT4-IEC-60079-0,1. Communication Standard: Mod Bus-RTU, Profibus-DP, Foundation FieldBus, HART

MW SERIES is worm reducer which used for butterfly, ball, plug valve and damper. MW is designed for the high efficiency and long lifespan, adopted the international flange standard EN ISO 5211, and is water proof type of IP-67

LTMD-Q Series Multi-turn actuator LTMD-Q Series, which developed for nuclear power use, especially Class-1E are available to multi turn valves such as globe, gate and so on. Also available to quarter turn valves like ball and butterfly in combination with gearbox. Robust and simple construction made of iron cast guarantees long lifespan and easy maintenance.

It was co-develped with Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation and certified by National Technical Systems in the U.S.A. under severe requirements for nuclear power plant.

TD Series Multi-turn actuator TD-Series are the conventional multi-turn actuator which is suitable for the harsh environment usage. The gear case is made of cast iron and pre-lubricated geared limit switch ensures the precise adjustable position setting and moisture-proof torque switch stops the motor when abnormal force is applied to the valve.


Founded in 1998, FITOK Group owns two manufacturing facilities, one in Germany and the other in China, and hires over 600 employees globally. The two brands under FITOK Group are Gigalok for instrument valves and fittings, extra high pressure products, semiconductor and gas products, and GUC for forged process valves including globe valves, double block and bleed valves and metal seated ball valves.

Here at FITOK Group, we are proud of our ability to supply customized products in a short lead time, which is supported by our efficient ERP system and minimum stock of 600 tons of raw materials.

Yet we continuously explore ways to improve our management and the whole process of material selection, design, manufacturing and testing so as to meet the exacting requirements of each individual customer. A fast-growing group, FITOK is committed to provide the industry with the best quality and service at competitive pricing.


The Company is an Italian Industrial Cable manufacturer, ISO 9001:2008 certified. Its product range includes: Instrumentation, Control, Data cables, Extension/compensating Thermocouple cables and low voltage control cables. Flexibility, "seizing the right time", Knowledge grant our success with the customers.

Instrumentation Cables
Instrumentation Cable is a single or multi-pair cable designed to carry signals. Used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment in process control.
Applications in process industry: Oil & Gas, Chem. Petrochemical, Water treatment, Mining and in any plant where a process automation is implemented.

Control Cables
Control cable is a multi-conductor cable used for operation in control circuits, to connect electric/electronic equipments. It is generally used to carry out “on/off” controlling signals like start/stop command. Thermocouple Cables

Thermocouple cable is required to make the connection between the thermocouple and the measuring instrument. The construction is totally similar to the Instrument cables a part the material of the conductors. Thermocouple Extension cables use the same alloys as the thermocouple. Compensating cables use different alloys which have a matched emf output over the appropriate temperature range. The Extension cables are more accurate but more expensive than Compensating.


Siemag Industries was established in the year 1959 primarily for the manufacture and supply of Fluid Power Accessories especially in the field of pneumatic. The company has successfully developed variety of control and automation products over the years as a result of continuous effort and enterprise thereby providing effective solution to pneumatic control problems. Siemag follows stringent quality control system and was the first company to be awarded the ISO-9001:2000 certification in the field of Pneumatics. Siemag offers a wide range of air line accessories such as filters, pressure regulators and lubricators, instrumentation AFR, blow guns, pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, needle valves, flow control valves and other pneumatic products such as fitting, tubing, vac blow guns, etc.


The manufacturer of industrial valves, safety relief valves , ball valves ,plug valves, gate valves, globe valves, bellow sealed valves use in diverse industries such as power, chemical, process. Our advance machinery allow us to offer diverse range of industrial valve in accordance to international standards.
We cater our equipments to the varied industries which consists of industry segment, power, oil and gas industries, chemical process industry, water and waste water treatment, food and pharma, paper, sugar, and textile For all Critical / High Temperature Application You Can Depend Upon Fluidtech Valves.


An American based company from the family of Versa Group, committed to provide state-of-the-art technology in the fields of Automation Systems, PLCs, etc. From small PLC's and pneumatic/hydraulic control panels, to large skid-based HPU's and very large chemical injection systems, VersaTech cost effectively meets your control system needs. VersaTech's substantial field service capability ensures comprehensive, onsite installation, commissioning, startup and maintenance of your control system, worldwide. Specialized in: Automation Systems, Systems Engineering & Software Development, E&I Construction & Maintenance, Control Panel Fabrication, Skid Packaged Automation, etc